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What We Do

We are a group of researchers passionate about applications of Artificial Intelligence.

We are bringing together AI experience from industry and academia to revolutionize education. In the past, we explored text, images, DNA sequences, medical records and now we are on a mission to explore educational data to help students and faculty to make data driven decisions. We apply the following technologies on a daily basis to achieve our goals.

Automating Data Collection

At InI Labs we are highly focused on automating data collection and curation processes. Everyday we work with unstructured and unorganized data sources. Due to small team size we are bound to automate and data pipelines to meet the needs of AI processes we follow for final product development.

AI based Prediction

We use the data collected to train and test sophisticated multi layer Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and their variants for student rank prediction, college recommendation and comparing courses. These models are constantly improved and evaluated with new data availability and user decision feedback.

Text & Image Processing

We extensively use and combine various text, image and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand course structure, notes, question papers, and answers. This understanding helps us to convert huge pdfs and image files that are memory and platform dependent to text files that are lightweight and platform independent.

Product Development & Delivery

We develop both webapps and mobile applications for rapid delivery of over research to a large number of users. Speed of product development and delivery is extremely important at InI Labs. To achieve this we use industry leading tools, techstack and services. The curiosity and ability to use any new tool, language or library is our core strength.

Our Products

These are some of our awesome products used by millions of students, teachers and edtech companies.

We launched various products to bring our efforts to collect, organize and analyze education data to students, parents and teachers. We focused on developing easy to use products that are backed by accurate data and state of art AI techniques. Contact our partnership team [email protected] for partnerships.

Student Rank Predictors

Student rank predictors are developed for both undergraduate (B.Tech) and graduate (M.Tech) Engineering students. It's an essential tool for students and teachers to determine the ones standing for the given exam competition. (Student Rank Predictors)

College Recommendation Engine

College recommendation engine provides a personalized comprehensive list of colleges where students can apply with the possibility of acceptance. Various factors are taken into consideration such as previous years acceptance data and others. (College Recommendation Engine)

Course Compare Engine

This gives students the ability to compare courses based on fifteen different parameters such as previous cutoffs, placements, students preference index and others. Currently postgraduate courses can be compared from top universities in India. (COLLEGEPREDICTOR.AI)

iStudy App

We developed a mobile application to play a central role in a student’s life and build a community around it. This provides course structure, university updates, results and a community to discuss issues and share information. (iStudy Mobile App)

API for Coorporates

All data, predictors, and college recommendations are available for corporate customers through highly available APIs. The APIs come with simple to use documentation and fast support from InI Labs. (API for Coorporates)

Internal Data Tools

It's impossible to collect all the relevant data without employing advanced tools due its size and nature. We have been developing tools to automate data collection from thousands of universities. We developed mobile and web apps for internal usage.

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Here Is Our Growing Team.

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Zahid is founder and CEO of InI Labs Inc., holds phd in applications of AI applications in bioinformatics. Worked in academia (ISI Kolkata, UWaterloo) and industry (Samsung Electronics Korea) on various advanced projects. Working on tecnology core and strategy at InI labs.

Zahid Founder & CEO
Author image

Farquad is Director of Data Division at InI Labs Inc., holds phd in applications of AI applications to finance and banking sector. Worked in various universities (HCU, Hong Kong University, Madina University) across the world. Responsible for all data related tasks at InI Labs.

Fraquad Director Data Division
Author image

Fadia is an AI Expert and Advisor at InI Labs Inc. , holds phd in Astrophysics from Université Paris Sud (Paris XI). Have been working on few of the most challenging problems in physics with the application of advanced mathematical algorithms applied to run multicore machines. Responsible for AI strategy and technical direction at InI.

Fadia AI Expert and Advisor
Author image

Nazia holds a BA and B.Ed (education) degree in social sciences from Osmania University. Have worked with schools and colleges for a decade. She is responsible for identifying data sets, collecting them from authenticated sources curating them. Also responsible for exploring new applications for AI in education.

Nazia Data Team Lead
Author image

A Diplomat Economist with MBA degree from South Korea Mihaela enjoys her career in Marketing by bringing new ideas to life. She is associated with top tech companies (Samsung Electronics, IBM) and advising InI Labs on business strategy, direction, evaluation and marketing aspects.

Mihaela Marketing Expert & Advisor
Author image

Nirbhay is Civil Engineering graduate from University of Waterloo. He is the co-founder of an entrepreneurship program called 'Be A Nomad', was CEO of Engineers for Hope, and spoke twice at TED. Harry is planing and marketing expert at InI labs and advisor in business strategy.

Nirbhay H. Singh Marketing Expert & Advisor
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